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Pit Bulls are being euthanized in shelters everywhere. HAWS-Helping Animals Without Shelter is extending our Get your Pit Bull Spay/Neutered FREE for Madison County residents out to February 2023.

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HAWS volunteers spent the weekend getting dogs ready for the upcoming cold temperatures.
HAWS volunteers got Tank off a chain and onto a humane tether. We did the same for Nala. In this
project we spent the day bolting dog igloos to pallets and filling them with wheat straw for both dogs to
be warm in winter temps.
Getting Jagger off his chain.
This project involved putting up these panels for Jagger to make him a new and safer home when he is outdoors.
The HAWS team put up a dog trolley system for Oreo. 
This allows him more freedom of movement and prevents his from getting his chain wrapped around fixed objects in his yard.

Oreo is very very happy on his new runner and we are happy that we could make that happen.
These 2 dogs were cared for but the yard had no shade or suitable outdoor shelter. With donated supplies we were able to get
them tarp covers, dog houses, cooling pool and water buckets.
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